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The ENT specialists at St. Cloud Ear, Nose and Throat provide a full range of contemporary treatments including the state-of-the-art Balloon Sinuplasty procedure.

St. Cloud Ear, Nose and Throat utilizes established clinical and operating room services with modern equipment and techniques, allowing for significant symptom relief and improvement in overall quality of life.

If you’re suffering with sinus pain, don’t wait another day. Contact St. Cloud Ear, Nose and Throat to schedule your consultation at one of our Central Minnesota clinics - St. Cloud, Alexandria, Little Falls, Monticello, Sauk Centre, and Staples.

Get the Ear, Nose, and Throat answers you need without multiple trips to the doctor.

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Hearing Aid Doctors

Almost 50 million Americans have hearing loss. Rediscover the world you’ve been missing with Hearing Aids, surgical and medical techniques and cochlear implants for hearing loss.

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Patient Testimonials

  • When I first realized I needed hearing aids and began looking for them some 27 years ago all I heard were horror stories about them. While continuing my search a friend of mine recommended St. Cloud ENT to me and been here for 26 years. The clinic over this period of time, in my opinion, has been a sincere effort to educate the staff to make them the most knowledgeable in their field and then backing them up with cutting edge technology available for the hearing impaired.
    R.N. – Patient of St. Cloud ENT for 26 years.
  • I have dealt with a hearing loss most of my life, having hearing aids for 30 years. These last 14 years I have gotten my hearing aids through St. Cloud ENT. It’s been a positive experience with Jessica’s knowledge helping me select what works best for my lifestyle. It’s amazing how much the technology advances from year to year. Jessica is very helpful in selecting programs that work great for me.
    E.P. – Patient with St. Cloud ENT for 14 years.
  • I’m 65 with severe hearing loss. I’ve worked with four hearing aid business through the last 35 years. I surely would rate Ear Nose and Throat the best I’ve worked with. Well managed professional organization. My Audiologist, Jessica has gone above and beyond to put together the best hearing aids for my lifestyle. Jessica is a terrific audiologist and a pleasure to work with. I rate Ear Nose and Throat A+.
    E.M. – Patient of St. Cloud ENT for 9 years.
  • B has been seeing Sven since he was a baby. Sven always knows how to adjust the screenings in respect to his age and special needs. He keeps it fun and engaging for him and answers all of my questions. When I asked him he said, “Sven is the best! He checks my hearing aids and my hearing. We play fun games.”
    B.W. – Patient with St. Cloud ENT for 9 years.

Tired of Living With Chronic Sinusitis?

In-office balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery. Patients can expect instant improvement in their overall quality of life.

Less Pain Than Traditional Sinus Surgery

No bone or tissue is cut or removed from the nose during this innovative procedure, meaning that Balloon Sinuplasty patients experience less pain and heal faster.

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