Benefits of Hearing Aids

General Health

There are 48 million people throughout the country suffering from hearing loss. Of those people, only 20 percent who can benefit from the use of a hearing aid actually wears them. It turns out that living with untreated hearing loss can do more damage than originally thought, and those who seek treatment see improvements in all aspects of their lives. Individuals who choose to treat their hearing loss with hearing aids are known to have better overall health, professional success and emotional well-being than those who don’t.

Improved Mental Health

Those that treat their hearing loss have a decrease in feelings of depression, anger and anxiety.

Improved Cognitive Health

Individuals with untreated hearing loss are at an increased risk of cognitive decline.

Improved Physical Health

Individuals with untreated hearing loss are three times more likely to suffer physical injuries, specifically falls.

Improved Balance

Individuals that use a hearing device to treat their hearing loss may also see an improvement in their balance.

Professional Success

Improved Ability to Focus

Untreated hearing loss leads to difficulty concentrating, especially when communicating with others.

Improved Ability to Learn

New research suggests that untreated hearing loss can lead to problems storing new information.

Increased Earning Power

Untreated hearing loss leads to reduced job performance and less monetary compensation.

Emotional Well-being

Renewed Confidence

Treating hearing loss enables an individual to once again be able to navigate the world on their own.

Increased Control Over Life Events

When overcoming a reliance on others to understand what is going on in the hearing world, an individual with hearing loss will regain their sense of control.

Better Relationships

Being able to successfully communicate with loved ones leads to healthier and longer-lasting relationships.

Increased Social Interactions

Improved communication leads to a boost in confidence and more social activities with friends and loved ones.

I know I had hearing loss when “what” became my favorite word. My husband chuckled at my often funny misheard words, but over the years humor turned to frustration. So I finally relented and agreed to see an audiologist. It was an enlightening experience and each visit we learn more and appreciate the excellent care we receive from Dr. Brooke and the staff at the St. Cloud ENT. The best choice ever. It has been a journey for me – took a few months to acclimate to foreign objects in my ears. So many sounds were odd, not like my regular perceptions of them. But over the 2 years, I have learned to LOVE having the ability to hear complete conversations I missed so much! It really is magic at its best.

S.D. – Patient with St. Cloud ENT for 2 years. 

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